It’s James Delingpole here. I love Australia. When the IPA brought me out in April I didn’t want to leave.

You’ve got a great country. You’re a great bunch of people – you bought lots of copies of my book Killing the Earth to Save It.

I don’t want you to wreck Australia. Please – I don’t want you to end up like Europe. I know how bad Europe is – I have to live here.

There’s thousands of reasons why Europe is a disaster. Believe me. Greeks retiring at 50 is only the tip of the iceberg.

But do you know the worst thing Europe has done? Yes – you guessed it. It’s our crazy ‘green’ schemes that have pushed up electricity prices, sent jobs overseas, and made ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE TO GLOBAL TEMPERATURE.

I can’t believe one of the reasons your government tells you why you need a carbon tax is because Europe has one. That’s a joke right? With all of your energy resources I honestly find it incredible you put up with paying just about the highest price for electricity in the world, and twice what Americans pay.

When I saw the other week that your Julia Gillard wanted to link your ‘carbon tax’ (no, as we all know – it’s not a ‘carbon tax’ – it’s a tax on what we breathe which is carbon dioxide) to Europe’s scheme I realised you’d completely lost the plot.

When John Roskam at the IPA asked me whether I could help I said – ‘MATE! If there’s anything I can do to stop Australia becoming like Europe, I’m in.’

That’s why I am asking you to make a tax deductible donation today to support the IPA’s work on climate change.

I love the IPA nearly as much as I love Australia. Let me count the ways I love the IPA:

  • they’ve been fighting the climate change warmists for more than 20 years
  • when everyone in Australia (and I mean everyone) said let’s have a carbon tax – it won’t hurt – the IPA stood against the tide and said NO! That’s gutsy. The IPA has never wavered.
  • they paid my fare to Australia to come and talk around the country. And they’ve also brought out people like Václav Klaus and Donna Laframboise and supported the work of heroes like Professor Bob Carter and Professor Ian Plimer.
  • they take on Tim Flannery. Why do you continue to take that man seriously? The cover story a while back in their magnificent publication the IPA Review on Flannery is a must read.

John Roskam and the fantastic team at the IPA have told me these are the things they’d like to do if they had more money:

  • publish a major new research report on the real cost of ‘renewable energy’ schemes. (I think it’s great that Tony Abbott has said he’ll repeal your carbon tax. But he’s got to go further – the renewable energy debacle must go next.)
  • write to every single member of parliament in the country – state and federal – telling them that IPA research reveals how their green energy schemes are pushing electricity prices through the roof for ordinary Aussie families without any benefit to the environment at all
  • keep great staff like Professor Bob Carter on the frontlines battling against the taxpayer-funded warmists

The folks at the IPA don’t get money from the government. Their budget is always stretched. If you don’t give them money they’ll go broke. They do a lot with not much. And they have impact! The IPA must take a lot of the credit for changing the attitudes of Australians to global warming. Six years ago 68% of you were warmists. Now it’s just 36%.

And remember when the IPA ran those full page advertisements telling Australians how the government’s own forecasts showed the carbon tax would cost $1.4 trillion by 2050? Brilliant.

Please, please, please make a tax-deductible donation to the IPA today so they can continue to be a brave and loud voice on climate change.  And so you don’t end up like Europe.

James Delingpole, Author, Killing The Earth To Save It

P.S. Without you, the climate debate will be dominated by warmists (like your Climate Change Commissioner Tim Flannery!). Donate to the IPA today to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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